Updates: Race car NFTs for upcoming new REVV game

2 min readJun 18, 2021

F1® Delta Time players who participated in the Grand Prix™ Mode or Time Trial Mode between 7 and 13 June 2021 are eligible to receive a new REVV race car NFT, for the new racing game coming soon to the REVV Motorsport ecosystem. Look out for more details as well as the beta launch on the Polygon blockchain (previously known as Matic Network) in the coming weeks.

These new REVV race car NFTs will be minted on Polygon and airdropped next week to the same wallet address that eligible players used to participate in the F1® Delta Time gameplay modes. To access the Polygon (previously Matic Network) blockchain and your new NFT, we recommend using the MetaMask crypto wallet. This article explains how to add Polygon’s Mainnet to your MetaMask wallet.

Many of you have already seen the concept art provided in our first article, and today we are thrilled to reveal the first actual designs of the REVV Level 1 NFTs!

Level 1 REVV NFT cars. Final designs are subject to change.

These REVV car NFTs are used to play the upcoming new REVV game on their own (tyre and driver NFTs are not necessary).They are the lowest level cars, but can be improved and even replaced using a sophisticated upgrade system. Most importantly, they will give you access to the exciting new racing game we are working on.

Below are some working designs of mid level cars:

Mid level REVV NFT cars. Concept art only; final designs are subject to change.

To learn more about the new REVV game and its car NFTs, check out this Medium article, and we will also release more information soon.

Additionally, we will continue to launch different events and competitions in the REVV Motorsport ecosystem for you to earn the Level 1 REVV NFT cars, so make sure you follow us and stay tuned!

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