REVV Racing Tokenomics — Introducing Fusion, Catalysts and Shards

5 min readNov 23, 2021


Following the teaser trailer for REVV Racing’s Fusion System, today we’re going into detail on the larger tokenomics and the introduction of two new fungible tokens: Catalysts (CATA) and Shards (SHRD).

For those new to the game, REVV Racing is an action arcade automobile racing game that leverages blockchain technology (Polygon) and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). REVV Racing is a Play-to-Earn title in the REVV Motorsport metaverse of racing games, and is a milestone in Animoca Brands’ ambitious plan to develop blockchain-based games that have the quality, look, and feel of traditional video games.

In REVV Racing, NFTs exist in the form of the cars that players race in head-to-head competitive tournaments and events that exist in a Play-to-Earn ecosystem. The primary rewards for event performance are REVV tokens. REVV also acts as the core utility token of purchase, being used to enter gameplay modes and compete in events.

All REVV Racing cars are NFTs that exist in a range of rarity and performance, ranging from the entry-level Common tier to the exclusive Apex tier. Outside of a single Apex car, and a small handful of Legendary cars, the remaining cars available today are in the Common tier… but not for much longer, thanks to the Fusion System!

The REVV Ambition GT

Enter Fusion

The Fusion System is the primary mechanic that grants access to higher Rarity REVV Racing cars. Players will be able to take their Common cars, combine them with other assets, and generate completely new and more powerful REVV Racing car NFTs, ready to race.

How Does it Work

All of the Common cars that exist today in REVV Racing have the potential to grow to a higher rarity level through the Fusion System.

The Fusion System starts with the ‘Collection’ metadata tag that each car has (e.g. Holder, Ignition 1, Sprint King, etc.). This metadata tag is a representation and starting point for that car in the Fusion System. In order words, each metadata tag has a specific Fusion Tree — a “map” — defining what the car can eventually upgrade to.

The Materials (NFTs and fungible tokens) needed to generate a new car using the Fusion System are listed in a Blueprint. Blueprints are available to all car owners — they do not need to be obtained separately. Each Collection has specific Blueprints. The new generated cars can be faster and more scarce, and have access to their own Fusion Tree.

On the release of the Fusion System, 10 Rare Car Blueprints will be available, but every Common car currently in circulation will eventually be supported in the Fusion System.

Play-to-Earn 2.0 and Catalysts

Blueprints can require both fungible and non-fungible Materials. In addition to a REVV Racing car NFT, one other asset will always be required: Catalysts (CATA).

The Catalyst is a new fungible token that is used primarily in the Fusion System. Each Blueprint requires a specific number of Catalysts. REVV Racing does not plan to sell Catalysts directly (although, being a ERC-20 token, CATA does become tradable if listed on a DEX).

CATA are created through the consumption of Shards (SHRD), the second new fungible token being introduced into REVV Racing with the Fusion System. Shards are the new currency earned by playing REVV Racing.

Shards and Earning

Shards must be consumed in order to create Catalysts. The process of creating the Catalyst destroys the Shards.

Shards are earned based directly on how many races you have completed in REVV Racing. More specifically, the amount of Shards you earn is determined by the number of laps and length of the track.

Unlike REVV, Shards are earned regardless of the final rank of a player during an Event, Cup, Sprint Session or Tournament. Basically, Shards provide Proof-of-Play.


Shards will be deployed as contracts by the end of November 2021. Starting in December 2021, Shards can be used to create Catalysts. The first set of Blueprints will be introduced at that time. The release of the Rare cars will also open a new tier of tournament for players to compete in.

The REVV Aspire GT

Questions and Feedback — Tell Us What You Want

We realise this is a lot to take in, but we hope it demonstrates the ambition we have for REVV Racing to serve as the marquee title under the REVV Motorsport banner.

In the longer term we plan to add further utility for the Catalyst via its function in a DAO. This DAO is going to influence the supply, as well as the release of cars when they’re used in the Fusion System.

If you have questions, thoughts or feedback, head on over to any of our social media channels and let us know. We’re on Twitter, Telegram and Discord.

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The REVV token is an ERC-20 utility token that acts as the main currency for a number of game dApps developed by Animoca Brands.