REVV Racing Security Update (April 2022)

3 min readApr 12, 2022


Ever since the REVV Racing Alpha Inaugural Event back in August 2021, one of our goals was to make REVV Racing an accessible play-to-earn blockchain game, removing harsh entry barriers to play. Thousands of racers from all around the world compete for daily REVV prizes, through the ability to earn cars across social media and community campaigns.

Unfortunately, this has attracted malicious actors who seek to exploit the system by cheating for higher ranks or creating multiple accounts to occupy more spots on the leaderboards.

Over the past several weeks we have been investigating possible multi-accounting cases. As a result of the investigation, some of the accounts have either modified their race records to place higher up on the leaderboards or circumvented the systems we have in place to counter multi-accounting. These are considered forbidden activities, and actions have been taken by us to exclude such accounts from receiving prizes.

What we’ve done so far

  • We actively analyze race data of all sessions: reviewing sector times, car settings and more, in order to discover any potential exploits.
  • While offending accounts are still shown on the in-game leaderboards, we have adjusted the final reward payouts to reflect their removal from the reward system.

Our next steps

  • A blacklist feature will be implemented, blocking blacklisted wallets from entering races. Once a wallet is being added to the blacklist, any pending rewards earned from the wallet will be void.
  • Suspicious wallet addresses will be sent to Blockpass for an additional review before the rewards are being distributed.
  • We will also offer bounties to those who are able to share (verified) exploits within the system. We will detail more on this at a later date.

There is still a lot of work left to do when it comes to tackling malicious actors. Unfortunately, the investigation and reward adjustments have taken time and have been disrupted by the investigation.

We are also not infallible, so while we retain the right of making the final decisions on any blacklisted cases and/or bans not limited to multi-accounting or cheating, we are always ready to listen to those affected.

Finally, we would like to thank you for your patience and continuous support. The information provided by our community is undoubtedly helpful for tracking down abnormal activities in the game and we will keep on building to make sure our system is more robust with every update.

As always, see you on the track!

Any questions, give us a shout!

You can find out more about REVV Racing and the REVV Motorsport platform over at the official Twitter, Facebook and Telegram channels and reach out to us for any questions or comments!

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