Get ready for a roaring year of the Tiger and collect all the Zodiac signs!

Known for their fiery passion, daring, and fearlessness, Tigers are universally respected and revered for their courage by both friends and foes. Each of the Zodiac symbols comes with it’s own strengths and weaknesses and it is time to find out if there is truth to the old story about race to the heavenly gates and if Rats really are the number one in racing.

To celebrate this special time of the year, REVV Racing is releasing 12 beautifully designed race cars, each representing one of the 12 Chinese Zodiac signs. There will be a line of competitions ahead, so read on how to participate!

REVV Lunar New Year competition details!

There will be in total 12 Zodiac Creatures on the loose and each will be available via different competitions. Read below how to get yours, and don’t miss out!

Event #1: Let’s celebrate together!

In the first event we want to spread the word and make sure everyone is connected to get all our latest news! Rules are simple, complete tasks in the below Gleam to enter your wallet and first 1000 to enter their wallet will receive either Rabbit or Ox car!

Event #2: Come and join the discord new year party!

Did someone say party? YES! Hop on our discord server and stay active in the chats, reach level 8 and you will receive the Red Packet role! Join the exclusive daily giveaways for a chance to win one of the 500 Horse cars! The team and our mods will randomly drop some red packets and even cars to those who have been nice and helpful, but no red packets for bad kids - so don’t spam, okay?

Event #3: Share your favourite design and wish everyone happy New Year of the Tiger!

It’s time to let us know, what is your favourite of the 12 designs! Copy one of the pictures in this article and follow the link below. Post your tweet with your favourite design attached, using the following hashtags: #REVVCNYE #REVVRacing #PlayToEarn #P2E #HappyYearOfTheTiger

After posting, enter your wallet address in the Gleam below. You will receive either a Goat or Monkey car if you are in the first 1000 to complete this task!

Event #4: Riddle me this - can you find the secret code?

Find 5 codes to enter - first 500 will win a car! Each code will be released in one of the REVV Motorsport channels. It may come in a form or riddle, it may be simply shared. There are 5 codes in total and you can only unlock the next one if you know the code before. You will need all 5 to enter your wallet to claim the car! Let’s go for a treasure hunt!

Event #5: Time to hit the race tracks!

In this five day tournament, you will compete for both REVV pools and 5 different cars with each of them having a unique design! More details to come soon!

Event #6: Can you catch a Tiger?

Last phase is simple: after completing all the events, you will have a chance to complete your collection. Those holding all the 11 cars in their wallet on 15th February 2022 08 a.m. UTC, will receive the Tiger REVV Racing car to complete their Zodiac collection!

Summary of the event

  • Event consists of 6 separate campaigns, each of which comes with different prize cars
  • Complete tasks and/or race to get your cars
  • If you collect all 11 by the snapshot date (15th February 2022 08 a.m. UTC), you will receive the 12th car to complete your collection
  • Please remember that KYC will be required for the tournament part of the competition

Any questions, give us a shout!

You can find out more about REVV Racing and REVV Motorsport platform over at the official Twitter, Facebook and Telegram channels and reach out to us for any questions or comments!

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