Alpha Inaugural tournament is approaching fast - are you ready to compete for the US$150,000 Prize Pool in REVV?!

5 min readAug 10, 2021


It’s a new dawn in motorsport gaming as the alpha version of REVV Racing arrives with a bang and US$150,000 in prizes! Our first ever REVV Racing tournament, the Alpha Inaugural, will bring you a Play-To-Earn racing experience on 11–17 August 2021, which will reward 1,000 winners! So read on to learn how you can grab a prize! We can’t wait to see who will walk away with the US$12,000 first place!

How the Alpha Inaugural tournament will work

To compete in this tournament, you will need a REVV Racing car NFT. A list of the cars available can be found at the REVV Racing Website, and if you missed the earn events, you can still shop for cars on OpenSea.

Once you have a car you are good to go, as we will give every player 20 free tries. So if you can get a free car, it is possible to participate in this tournament with no monetary investment and win up to US$12,000 worth REVV, if you have the skills!

If you would like to have more than 20 tries, you can purchase more at a price of only 5 REVV per try. Keep in mind that REVV Racing is on the Polygon chain, so you will need to use REVV that has been bridged to Polygon. We will provide instructions on how to do this before the event.

REVV Racing car holders will receive an amount of Polygon tokens to cover transaction fees when they connect their wallet to the REVV Racing website. The only requirement is that your wallet must contain a REVV Racing car NFT. If you obtain a car NFT after you have already connected your wallet to the REVV Racing website, simply connect it again and you will receive the Polygon tokens.

Each try equals one race and one race consists of 3 laps. The time recorded towards the leaderboard will be the total time per race.

REVV Racing Gameplay

In REVV Racing, you have complete control of your car. You will need to accelerate, brake and steer. There are multiple control options: keyboard, controller, with steering wheel support coming later.

Keyboard: Press up arrow to accelerate, down arrow to brake and left and right arrows to steer. Alternatively, you can use the standard WASD layout if you prefer. Space is handbrake. Press C to switch your view.


PlayStation: R2 to accelerate, L2 to brake/reverse, left thumb stick to steer, ◯ for handbrake, △ to switch view.

Xbox: RT to accelerate, LT to brake/reverse, left thumbstick to steer, B for handbrake, Y to switch view.

Prize Pool

Prize Pool for this event will go to 1,000 winners who will collect a total of US$150,000 worth in REVV. Prizes are distributed in following manner:

*REVV Price conversion will be based on the REVV Price at the end of the Tournament on 17th August 08:00 AM (UTC).

All REVV Racing car owners fully own their REVV Racing NFT cars and can trade them freely or use them in later tournaments and special events, depending on the tags their cars have. More details on this will be provided later.

How to buy additional tries

Additional tries can be purchased upon entering the game. Unlike in another REVV Motorsport game F1® Delta Time, tries are not purchased in bundles, but instead are purchased individually at time of play. Tries can only be purchased using REVV.

Hire a Driver (v0.1)

In this first release of REVV Racing, we are debuting the ‘Hire Driver’ feature. This allows players who own cars to share their valid laps with others. This feature allows car owners to “rent” out their cars to other drivers, and still enjoy the benefits of Play-to-Earn without the need to race themselves - a great way to stimulate collaboration between more commercially minded players and those with the racing skills needed to win.

Please note that this feature is a very early version, and offers no assurances on cooperation between players. Any arrangements players make involving this system is purely at their risk and neither Animoca Brands nor REVV Racing can be held responsible for any problems or disputes.

Event Summary

  • Alpha Inaugural Tournament will run 11–17 August 08:00 AM (UTC)
  • US$150,000 Prize Pool, for 1,000 winners!
  • To participate you need a REVV Racing car, which you can get at OpenSea
  • You will be given 20 free tries in the game, additional tries cost 5 REVV (Polygon)
  • Transaction fees within the game require the MATIC token, which players will be given for free when they connect their wallets to the REVV Racing website (requires ownership of a REVV Racing car NFT, if car is purchased later, please reconnect)
  • One try equals one race of 3 laps, the total time to complete the 3 laps will be recorded toward the tournament leaderboard

Alpha Status

This release of REVV Racing is alpha, meaning that it is an early version of a game that is still being developed and tested. Outside of content and features, numerous updates, improvements and additions are in the pipeline for the current experience. This is an early development build which will be undergoing optimisation, bugs fixes, and balance. Anyone participating in the game as it is today, should be aware that issues and bugs will be present. We’re open for your feedback, and hope you enjoy this first taste of REVV Racing.

Any questions, give us a shout!

You can find out more about REVV over at the official Twitter, Facebook and Telegram channels and reach out to us for any questions or comments!

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